Our city is struggling, but it’s not hopeless. With the right leadership, we can move our city forward.

I have a vision to transform our city. We must create a culture of excellence at city hall, set clear expectations and actively engage the entire community. It will take a real plan, the willingness to make tough decisions and a leader with a proven track record to implement it.

I am that leader. I have spent my entire career leading and building successful teams in business, non-profits, education, military and community organizations. I’ve grown a thriving business from scratch. I’ve helped turn around our troubled school system. I’ll turn our city around – with your help.

If you believe our community needs transformation, that our residents deserve better, and that real community transformation and revitalization requires strong, visionary leadership, then please join me today.


Mike Gallo is a 37-year resident of San Bernardino and a leading candidate for Mayor.  He has built his entire career on getting results through effective leadership in business, non-profits, education, the military and community organizations.


He began his professional career in 1980 as a United States Air Force Officer stationed at the former Norton Air Force Base where he designed and managed construction projects onsite and throughout the globe.  After serving his country, Mike joined TRW before co-founding his own company, Kelly Space & Technology, in 1993.  The company conducts aerospace research, development and testing at the former Norton Air Force Base.  Mike oversees the day-to-day operations of the company and provides leadership in the development and commercialization of the company’s technology.  As an inventor and technology developer, Mike has led the implementation of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education programs, training initiatives and industry associations designed to strategically drive economic growth.

Mike has always prioritized taking time to give back to his community.  He is the founder of Technical Employment Training, Inc., a non-profit business and education partnership that provides intensive skills training – enabling students to earn national industry certifications in on-the-job training environments before being placed in high-demand careers.

In November 2011, Mike was elected to the San Bernardino City Unified School District Board of Education where he serves as President.  He has focused on strengthening our schools to inspire, engage and prepare students for success in college and careers. Mike developed tangible business-education partnerships that provide relevant, hands-on instruction and training as an essential component of effective academic instruction to improve student engagement, academic growth, and career readiness.

In 2012, Mike was also appointed by Governor Brown to the California Workforce Investment Board where he serves as Chairman of the Career Pathways and Education Committee and is a member of the Executive Board.  Mike is focused on innovation, technology development and aligning Education, Workforce Investment and Economic Development as the passport to prosperity for our communities.  

Mike is committed to bringing his three decades of leadership to the Mayor’s office and leading our city into a new era of prosperity.