My Platform


L- Leadership

Although we have people in leadership positions, we are not functioning as an effective team.  To move our City forward, our leadership must be aligned under a shared vision for the future – We must build a leadership team focused on creating a vision towards excellence that inspires and engages our entire community in transforming our minds to believe we can rise to greatness.  Throughout my career, I have built highly-effective leadership teams and created organizations that inspire a culture excellence.  Together, we will create a foundation of hope that will bring the level of leadership needed to transform our City.

A- Action

Establishing strategic direction and focus is critical to rebuilding our City, securing our economic future and attracting investment that promotes healthy communities. Our leadership team must authentically engage our community in setting strategic priorities and subsequent actions plans into motion.  But a plan without action is dead.  We must move our leadership team to ACTION – aligning our budget, resources and activities to the strategic priorities with action plans collectively created by our entire community.

U - Unity

Unity in vision, purpose and objectives is the foundation for actual achievement and accomplishment. With unity, all efforts and focus can be placed on actual implementation rather than defending actions.  We are all in this together - and together we can achieve great things.  Join me in this endeavor!


N - New Vision

Visualizing our goals for our great City will LAUNCH us into a bright future. It’s a brand new day - the status quo, the old way of doing things, is not good enough!  It is not unrealistic to dream big and have high expectations for excellence - the only way we will achieve greatness is to first envision it.

C - Community

I believe that we value our community by engaging them in the decisions that affect their lives. We need to re-knit the fabric of our community through authentic engagement in setting the direction while actively encouraging participation in the implementation. Without a strong sense of community and a passionate sense of purpose, little can be accomplished. This is not the time to be hunkered down behind barred doors and windows. Let’s engage and interact to be great neighbors.

H - Hope

Hope is the belief that we can actually achieve what we dream. When we put this Hope into action, with tangible accomplishments, we are motivated and our confidence builds knowing that our dreams can be realized. Join me in putting our Hope into action.